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(Updated: September 10, 2023)
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I shall declare upfront an interest in this edit, since I saw early previews of this almost a year ago.

HOWEVER, this is a REMARKABLE technical and creative achievement. a true labor of love which is all the more imperssive since Douglas Trumbull himself gave the editor his blessing to create this.

And what do we have?

Well, it must be noted that the commercial relase of this (IMHO) outstanding movie light year ahead of its time, was not well treated.

The editor has enhanced many aspects of this important movie and they are for the most part, flawless.

All the technicals get top marks from me.

If you watch this on a BIG SCREEN at a full 60fps, the clarity of the SHOWSCAN material is breathtaking. The audio improvements are also welcome.

For most viewers, they will wonder what has changed...and likely miss all the some respects that means MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I have watched this moer time than I can count over thepast 40 years. I have bored friends and family to death with this movie, and the avenues of thought that it opened up way back then, were a marvel to me, even moreso in hindsight.

This is a great piece of restoration/enhancement and the only reason ENJOYMENT is scored 9 is due to the aspect ratio issue which is inhereant in the source. This could be remedied, but it means there would be a trade off with the SHOWSCAN material to some degree.

If this were the original official release, ENJOYMENT would be an 8, so I have upticked for sure.

Nevertheless, read the changes list and be amazed, since they will pass by largely unoticed. and yet welcome when seen in all its glory

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