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FanMix July 08, 2010 4499
This is a great edit.

I did not catch the moment where it goes from color to B&W during a scene in a middle of the movie as Thunderclap noticed
(maybe it was just a smooth transition between a shot of a taxi in present day, and Arnold in a taxi on Mars? Anyway).
Of course it should be easier to watch for someone who already saw the original, but I think that it works even better than in
The Dark Knight remixed by Jorge, because the story of Total recall screamed for that treatment even more.

I did not feel bored at any moment, the whole edit flows VERY well.

I’m one of those suckers for Arnold’s silly one-liners and over the top gore in the original…but I was warned!
Maybe I also waited more new twists in the story, but after all the whole movie is already a big giant twist.
The new reorganization of the scenes and the new feel of this edit is way enough to please the audience without adding more
useless complexity.

Video and audio editing are Jorge’s level: top.
Video quality could have been better though (but I’m not sure the original DVD was great quality anyway)

All in all this is what fanediting is all about, and what Jorge usualy do best: making great companion pieces to original movies.

9/10 because it was near perfect, minus the few things I said above.
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