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FanMix July 08, 2010 4830
EXACTLY as Jorge states in his “Warning” above, this edit is NOT for everyone. Not all the action is gone from this edit, but it is toned down a great deal. In my opinion, there is a good balance of action and plot now.

Having said that, this edit IS for ME.

I always liked “Total Recall” and can watch the original in the context of it being 20 years old/filmed in 1990/and it is ultimately an “Arnie action movie”. I also have been a huge fan of the Philip K. Dick short story, “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale”, that the movie is loosely based on.

I liked the re-arranged scenes and the flashbacks/dream sequences/the past. I warn you, the manner in which Jorge presents this edit does require more than casual viewing to follow the “new” story. Jorge wisely differentiates the past and present by B&W and color. Although, I can see that some viewers may take issue with the going back and forth between the past and present without any plot cues to require it.

As far as the technical aspects of the edit: great seamless edits, great audio and okay video quality.

The video quality isn’t the best. I am not sure if this is because the source (DVD?) is of poor quality. I took a look at my store-bought DVD and it wasn’t any better.

I found the “open your mind” transitions to be very effective and helps create that weird, eerie, mind trip this edit is.

I found it interesting how Jorge has the past and present meet up for the finale of the movie. The last scene of the movie is perfect. Arnie’s face says it all. (I am trying not to give away the ending).

My only “real” complaint of this edit: the “Johnny Cab” scene! I hated it in the original and hate it here! Jorge, Jorge, Jorge …really? UGH.
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