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Ranger613 edit of Blade Runner is a interesting take on a very familiar film. I've lost count the amount of times I've seen Blade Runner in it's various versions, and as with many others I'd consider it to be a true classic that stands the test of time. Most fanedits tend to extend the original film but Tears in the Rain cuts a lot of footage to successfully create a new take on Blade Runner.

The black and white works effectively, the quality isn't always perfect but for me it's not the main issue I have when viewing a fanedit. Both the visual editing and audio editing is impressive the slight negative would be the narrative is a little back and forth in it's arrangement and doesn't always work. An example would be when Deckard phones Rachael who turns him down only to appear in the next scene to shoot Leon.

Overall if your looking for yet another take on the Blade Runner film then this edit from Ranger613 is both interesting and different and is well worth checking out.

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