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Blade Runner has, for quite a long time, been one of my absolute favorite films. When I saw the Ranger was editing it, or rather, what he was doing and how much was getting cut, I was certainly skeptical.

Of course, Ranger has a very good track record with such projects, and this is certainly no different. The narrative worked quite well, and the arranging of the opening scenes was very well done, and dare I say, better put together than the original five cuts of the film. That said, there were a few things from the original version I missed. Namely, Deckard's story and his relationship with Rachel. There were a few bits that hinted at Deckard and Rachel having a deeper relationship (when she kills Leon, for example) but it never really goes anywhere. I think expanding on this would, at the very least, tie up a few loose ends (the story as it stands is still very strong).

The quality of the MP4 I watched was pretty good. The high contrast b/w worked exceptionally well, though there were a few shots that didn't look quite as sharp, but that may have been the source material.

Editing was also very well done. No complaints in that department!

Overall, I will definitely watch this edit again in the future. I'm still torn if the '92 Director's Cut or the '07 Final Cut is my preferred version, but this is a great alternate take if you're look for something different.

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