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(Updated: October 11, 2015)
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This was a great edit. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was intrigued by this from listening to the Feature This podcast. When I read about it in the forums, I mistook your saying "this was a boring movie" as "this is not a good movie." When I heard you start to talk about it, I decided to watch the edit. Here, Blade Runner is tight, streamlined down to about an hour and 20 minutes. I feel like it flies by but in a good way. Compared to the relative crawl of the original, this felt refreshing. I loved the new score; I kept saying I couldn't believe this track works so well with this quite a few times. The ending was perfect; loved it.

A/V: 10/10 - The blu-ray looked great, the sound was very balanced to me.
Visual Editing: 10/10 - Invisible cuts, which is no small feat because lots of little parts in scenes are excised throughout the whole thing.
Audio Editing: 10/10 - Loved the new score. Can't say enough how well it worked with the visuals for me.
Narrative: 9/10 - Very quick but everything is there. It actually rewards repeat viewings because I watched this twice. The second time I wanted to listen to the commentary track but was unable to on the menu. So I just watched it again anyway and a couple of things I thought were holes or didn't make sense were set up well, just that it doesn't spoonfeed anything to the viewer.
Enjoyment: 9/10 - Really enjoyed this. My only minor quibbles relate to the disc. The menu buttons aren't mapped correctly. When I hit down it goes down to 'Audio' but up does not go up to 'Play Movie.' The left/right buttons are mapped to it even though it's a vertical menu, as well as down but not up. Maybe that's my player for some odd reason. The other thing is that if you make a blu-ray disc (believe me, I know the hassle), why not put chapters in the movie? It's as easy as dropping flags into your timeline and adds to the polish. The commentary track did not work which was a big bummer. I will try to burn the disc again and update this but when I accessed the audio menu and clicked on anything (Fanedit Commentary, Dolby 5.1 or Subtitles OFF) I just got a red X and nothing actually changed.

Now, the one harsh criticism I have for this edit is that the name 'Tyrell' is misspelled in the opening quote of the entire film! I don't know how that happens.

Other than that, phenomenal work and highly recommended.

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Owner's reply October 11, 2015

I misspelled Tyrell?! I'm so embarrassed!!!

Oh well. :P

My BD authoring software is kinda weak. It's supposed to add chapter markers every ten minutes, so I'm surprised even that didn't work. The audio commentary track is definitely there, as another reviewer has stated he was able to listen to it.

If by chance your player, for whatever reason, doesn't let it play, I'm sure you can listen to it through VLC player.

Thank you so much taking the time to listen to the podcast, watch the movie, and provide a review!!!

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