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TV-to-Movie July 11, 2023 1646
(Updated: January 14, 2024)
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Wow, this absolutely rocked! I can see that the narrative material isn't revolutionary, but the feel of this was fantastic! Not only did it feel very Blade Runner, but the format captured something about a 90s anime moment for me - I actually really dug the odd animation style. Very nostalgic and vibe-y. I only sat through the original premiere, and between the pop theme song and odd TV pacing - even if I had committed - I would have lost interest week to week. But It really really worked for me here as a film, I'm glad I got to see this project in some form. I never would have. I quite like this.

Surprised to learn this was originally 12 episodes! I didn't feel like I had missed anything and felt invested in everything. My only note is that some of the cutting around Officer Davis put on leave and the aftermath of Wallace Sr's death, while technically solid, stood out as clunkier storytelling than the rest of the movie. Particularly when I don't think anything comes of Davis' dismissal. It feels like she just ignores it; maybe that entire beat in the story could be cut.

Loved this!

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