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TLDR: This was damn good.

Let me start by saying I tried to watch the regular release multiple times and failed. Good gravy it just dragged and dragged. You get spoon fed information so slowly that by the time something important happens, you forgot the other stuff you learned and you are just bored. This seems to be a very common thing I've noticed happening more and more. I would put money on this started as a movie and someone brilliant executive said, "This is fantastic! You know what would make it even better? If we made it into a series."

I was probably going to give the original version one more go, as I really love the Blade Runner universe, but I dreaded sitting down to try again. I am so happy that Wakeupkeo tackled this one.

There are other reviews that dive more into technical detail, so I will keep it simple... Did I enjoy it, big check. Were there any major technical issues that pulled me out, nope. Would I recommend this Fanedit, definitely check!

Ps. Just to add, I wondered to myself if this could or should be even shorter. My answer to this is a solid no. I feel it has the proper pacing to feel right at home as a Blade Runner movie.

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