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BR is my favourite film of all time. For years now, I’ve been trying to track down like so many others – different versions of this cult-hit. I’ve never decided whether I prefer the V/O or not, but I suspect I preferred the 92 directors cut as there was no happy ending and the unicorn scene made more sense for the ending.

With the arrival of the Final Cut – I thought we were going to see long lost deleted scenes put back in and a nice big correction and cleanup or certain things. Although I was still blown away watching the FC, I was left a bit dissapointed that Scott hadn’t put anything more in. It was just a clean up. Especially so, when I saw 45 mins of deleted and alternate scenes on the DVD’s.

Enter ADigitalMan with a cut for all tastes….well nearly anway. With the list of changes as above – this left me salivating. Downloaded and watched.

The nice thing here, is that he’s given you the option of V/O. Those who hate the dialogue can switch it off. Those who like can switch it on and there’s different version of the dialogue. I watched it with his ‘preferred’ dialogue, which adds much more Deckard narration, much more background into his character. I only noticed this go a bit strange in a couple places where the Vangelis score seems to repeat a couple bars. Sometimes Deckard seems to say something and repeat himself but in a different way….some of the narration doesn’t quite mesh – but I know this, I’m a fan. Someone watching this for the first time would never know. Plus you can watch it with the different narrations or not at all.

HOSPITAL SCENES!!!! YES!!!! The funny thing about these scenes, is that Holden makes Deckard to be a bit aloof, not altogether with it – the same thing can be said of an additional bar scene at Taffy Lewis’s.

Leon meeting Roy – much better than the previous re-used scene.

Leaving out the unicorn scene. To me, it makes no sense of the origami unicorn that Gaff leaves – I had no problem with it, but some other scenes point at Deckard being a rep here. He goes on about why a replicant would want photos and collect photos, while staring at his huge collection of photos. One of which comes to life, like Rachels. In a hospital scene, we see Gaff and Bryant watching Deckard on video as is they’re curious as to what he does. This scene makes it obvious how Gaff knows that Rachel is at Deckards apartment. Love the line ‘I spit on metaphysics Sir’. Fleshes out Gaff, changes his character.

We see Deckard wake after Rachel plays the piano…this had been left out previously.

Extended love scene – well, we get to see more skin – works for me!

Nice bit with Roy leaving the Tyrell Corporation, exclaiming ‘Mom?!’. There was line there that was in the Final Cut after Roy had killed Tyrell that would have been nice to leave in.

‘Are you sure you’re a man?’ Should have been in the Final Cut.

This cut, without using the Unicorn seems to me to say quite obviously that Dec is a rep. Let’s not forget the opening line from Rachel before credits “You know what I think? That we were made for each other.” It feels like a different film somewhat now. I don’t think it’s as dark as Scott’s Final Cut, but this feels like a more personal film in the world of Deckard. We hear his thoughts, he expresses his doubts and fears.

Technically, sound and picture are perfect. No harsh cuts, seemless.

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