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FanMix December 14, 2022 915
(Updated: January 15, 2023)
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Got to say by comparison to the original this is a stark, and momentous improvement. I do not know about all the upgrades up to date so not sure to what extent it is down to this krausfadr edition. Will be looking into it. Always ready for a good excuse to watch 'Blade Runner'.... I was at the 2012 anniversary screening at the Newcastle venue where Ridley Scott had the first private showing, U know?? Haha!! ....Yea its great to see this in such a clear, colour correct picture, adding a certain believeability, a clarity, to events. In particular the opening city-scape (darkness) and the Tyrell conference room at sunset (brightness) were impactful. Good work.

I do hope this treatment can be done to the additonal footage available. And for this unprocessed, original reel look be used as a master for the 'Funkadelic Sheep' effort on the Grindhousing front. Really solid concept there. Unfortunately its unbearably low resolution. We need to pull ourselves out of the 'Grindhouse is meant to be trashy looking' concept. Aiming for an Ultra-HD dirty reel on dusty projectors feel - instead of home projection in sunny rooms. Trashy - not trash!!

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