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Once again Wakeupkeo spoiled us with a very generous DCEU edit. Black Adam was a brainless and fun actioner who had a sweet late-90s blockbuster taste. It was definitely enjoyable but lacked something that could've made it truly special. This is where The Justice Society vs. The Champion of Kahndaq steps in, the original movie being a Rock flick, it's obviously safe to assume that this part didn't fundamentally change (The Rock is cool, the Rock is strong, the Rock is d4rk...yada yada yada). But the surrounding plot and the evolving narrative are now way more ballsy, what was previously subtly pushed under the rug is clearly stated in the new intro. Screw that mumbo jumbo stuff about Eternium, it still has magical properties, but it's first and foremost the main reason globalist corporations took over Kahndaq. The "hell" crown itself went from a corny McGuffin leading to the classic CGI battle at the end, to a more meaningful and slightly deeper symbol of oppression, it became its own villain.
I'm glad that you chose to let go of the idea of directly linking INTERGANG to former Black Water, I like to think of it as a materialization of all thug companies merged together, hence the name, International Gang.
The rest of the editing as always is flawless, trims are unnoticeable. Newly added dialogue sounds clean (except for the first time we hear "Life is the only path to death"). I particularly love "Let's Go to Prison Shall We" and "I Can Send Someone Who Can Pack a Punch", I noticed that you also used a Viola Davis deep fake to make her voice fit her lips movements, that was an amazing final touch.

If I recommend this edit? Hell yeah! You bet I do.

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