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The Resident Evil movies are pure guilty pleasures for me.
They are park your brain at the door and just enjoy the ride action packed adventures.
I mean, what's not to love? It's Milla Jovovich is tight fitting outfits killing zombies!!! Sounds perfect to me! LOL!

Needless to say, I am a fan of Aztek's BIOHAZARD fan edits.
They are edits that are made with passion and love, that really focus on the strengths of the RS movies and create a great rollercoaster ride for the audience. And this latest installment is no different.

Combining AFTERLIFE and RETRIBUTION into a single story works fairly well as there is enough narrative carry over from the first film into the second that it feels mostly natural. Though the actual bridging scene (attack on the Arcadia) comes across as extremely brief and sudden, but I think Aztek made the best of choices out of the situation since he was forced to cut around the opening credits. The movie did feel a tad long, but again I am not certain how much more or what could be cut without losing important plot or character moments.

The video quality looked great (I watched the MKV on my computer) and I did not notice any issues with audio. No jarring cuts or any technical issues that I could see. A very well produced fan edit project.

Solid good fun, and clever alternate viewing experience. Thumbs Up!

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