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This edit made me realize why I always thought the original cut of Being There fell apart in the third act: for the first two acts the satire is ellegant, smart and on point; and then we get stuff that would belong in any lowbrow sex farce. Maybe an approach closer to the book by the filmmakers would have helped here, since the literary Chance is described as looking like a cross between Cary Grant and Ted Kennedy, but while Peter Sellers was all sorts of brilliant, strikingly handsome in a classical way he wasn't, so everyone suddenly getting horny for him just doesn't work. The approach seems to work fine for many people (see eyepainter's review) but for me it had always been jarring, and in fact you can put the blame for the final version of this edit on me, as I did encourage Paranoid Android to go beyond his initial tweaks.

But for my tastes, this is how it should always have been. Tasteful from start to finish, no longer "Carry On Washington" in the final act. The vulgarity is gone, the biting satire stays. But it seems it will reveal itself to be divisive. In any case, just remember: fanediting is a state of mind.

10/10 across the board from me.
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