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The first thing I'd like to say is the visual editing... needs works. There are moments where the scenes take turns showing off a few seconds at a time, and it comes off as choppy.

There are however at least two moments where this comes to the scene's aid, first there's the war montage, and when Darth Vader overlooking the Death Star is interlapped between Young Anakin, highlighting how far he fell.

That said, there is one decision that baffles me, the placement of Order 66. In this it is apparently at the same time of Anakin and Obi Wan's duel on Mustafar. But at that point the Empire was already declared, and if the Jedi across the galaxy were still alive, they would've known and began doing something about it. And likely would've sensed Order 66 coming and prepared accordingly.

I also felt there should've been some more dialogue when Mace Windu attacked Sidious

And one last minor thing, at the end of the credits, (approximately at 1:10:55) the audio runs out, which to me felt like it was making room for some post credit dialogue, check out Star War Story's post credit edits to see what I mean and for some ideas.

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