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Because You Were Home
July 09, 2012    
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January 2, 2009

Here is one example where the editing significantly and qualitatively improved the ending, not just changed it. The edits themselves are technically perfect, and if you had not seen the original Strangers, you would not detect ANY of the edit points. My only suggestion is to restore JUST the “based on real events” text, because this contributes to the psychological atmosphere and makes the ending all that more shocking. In fact you could reveal the information at the END of the movie, for even more emotional impact! All other editing decisions are well justified, I think. Great work!

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Written by neglify
August 24, 2012
Review by Anti-Matter:

“I basically agree with the previous comments (Logan-5). Although this edit probably didn’t present much technical challenge to ThrowgnCpr, I have to give the work 10 stars (out of 10) because (1) every edit was transparent to me, and (2) there is clever execution of the ending. The result is that this version is better than the original. If you have not seen The Strangers, it would be prudent to first watch “Because You Were Home” (contra the author’s warning notice).”
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