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This is a nice trim and compact edit of Spielberg's 'Duel'. It's been a long while since I last watched the movie, so I only really remember the good bits and at 47 minutes this edit seemed to have all those bits. I didn't notice anything missing technically, or narratively. If you want to watch 'Duel' but only have less than an hour to spare, this is the edit for you. It was also interesting to see this edit right after seeing 'Mad Max: Fury Road', as the two have a similar non-stop chase feel.

A few thoughts of mine...I would probably have removed the brief internal-monolgue at 37.06, as it felt odd given the total lack of this narrative device in the rest of the edit. It might also have been fun to add a radically different score, which wouldn't have been to difficult given that 90% of the movie is music-free. I would also have included some credits, mentioning the cast and crew who originally created the film (It's just good form). The enocoding quality is excellent. That lovely 70s warm grainy picture is all there. However, a 7.5GB filesize is excessive for a 47minute edit IMO and might put some people off downloading this.

Keep up the good work maniac51 and I really appreciate you tackling more "obscure" classic 1970s material, than the usual fanediting fare.

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