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What an interesting idea. I didn't know a lot of people had issues with the movie. Not major issues, but issues. Whatever it felt too bloated, the runtime or there was too many ideas going on, especially towards the end. I, for one, didn't have much issue with the movie. I didn't think it was a masterpiece but I really enjoyed it. I saw this fanedit while scrolling around and my curiosity peaked. I just had to see what this Miniseries was about.

The Batman: Year Two fanedit is an interesting look at what could've been an amazing opportunity for DC. Why by no means is this edit superior or inferior to the movie, I just think there was some untapped potential that could've been explored. Instead of stuffing everything you can into 3 hours, you can make, let's say an 6- hour long episode miniseries and really flesh out your characters and ideas. Seeing an unhinged Batman would've been amazing to see on the big screen. We get to see some of that in the movie where he's fighting the criminals in the beginning. Where instead of taking them out efficiently, he beats them into submission. Reminded me more of Mad-Max type than Batman. Also spending more time with the Riddler and see what his motivations are and how he's inspired by Batman to start taking action. Don Kamillo had the right idea of breaking it up into episodes. I just don't think Don had enough material to truly make this an outstanding experience.

Don only has 3 hours of material to structure the story in a way that would flow well for a miniseries. And by that aspect, he succeeded. There were times, where I forgot that this was a movie. It felt natural to see these episodes play out. Each episode adding a layer as the story progresses. And because each episode isn't long at all, you can pay more attention to what's in front of you. Adding a new narrative and exploration of Gotham makes the series a great watch. Don did a hell of job with this fan edit and turning it into a thrilling experience. The only downside is that it makes you wish there was more material to explore rather than the 3 hours it has to offer. Overall, an amazing fanedit.

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