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okay, i watched it last night. so here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

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The original version of Under the Red Hood is hands down my favorite of the DC Animated movies. I hold it in such a high regard that I even enjoy it more than Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker (Original Uncut).

At first when I heard that UA was going to be editing UTRH, I was pretty skeptical. Mostly cause I loved the movie so much. I’ve watched the original a ton of times, it can just never get old for me.

After watching UTRH: UA Edition, I have to say though that my original copy is going to be sitting on the shelf now. Cause this is my preferred version of the film.

This is how the movie should have been edited the first time around. Instead of beginning with the Death in the Family segment at the front of the movie, it should have begun with the mob meeting. It allows the mystery of who’s the Red Hood to play out how it originally should have.

There were a couple of times when I noticed some things were missing, but that’s mostly cause I’ve watched the original so many times. I definitely like the fact that there’s not as much exposition about everything to the audience as there was in the original. Examples of that would be Batman explaining what Amazo is, who Nightwing is, etc. Watching without those expositions in the film, definitely has me going to this version from now on.

Also, awesome work on the darkening of the film. It definitely brought back the feel of the old Batman:TAS.

I’m hoping that they’ll be doing more of the stories leading up to and following the Red Hood story arc for the DC Animated movies, cause it’d be awesome to have a series of Batman movies that work well enough on their own but watched together tell amazing stories from the comics.

I enjoyed the menu. Definitely thought it was a really awesome set-up. Of course, with the bonus features there’s that amazing Grayson fan-film trailer. Really awesome. I’d highly recommend watching it, cause it’ll leave you being pumped up for a Grayson movie (that sadly won’t ever be released)

There’s really nothing I can complain about with this release. It takes a movie that is so awesome already and just improves upon it. I’d highly recommend this to anyone that’s enjoyed Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, anything by Bruce Timm, etc.

Score: 10 out of 10.

Awesome job, UA. Looking forward to seeing what ya got next, hope it may be something back in the bat-verse. (Maybe something else in the DC animated movies line-up, such as Batman/Superman films into one edit)
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