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FanFix September 04, 2010 2097
This edit deserved better than passing totally unnoticed as it did. I suppose it had something to do with the lack of a DVD version. In any case, it’s a pretty huge improvement over the original, which did have a first act for dummies. The movie does work much better without the prologue, which is a huge spoiler in itself, and without the Captain Obviousness in the robot fight sequence (also, thank you for losing some really awful one-liners, I wish you removed more of them throughout the movie), the cutting of which shows that you DO know how to edit, beyond removing a prologue. However, I think that instead of discarding the prologue entirely, you should have inserted it in the much later Ra’s Al Ghul sequence. That part of Batman history is too important to be dispatched with an almost casual “Then, he murdered the boy”. This version of the movie, while better than the original, does feel even more slight than the original was (why oh WHY must all the DCAU movies be as dreadfully short?). Would you please consider a 2.0 version that reinserts that sequence where it should always have been, thus improving on the improvement?

Meanwhile, even as it is, this gets an 8/10.
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