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Batman Beyond has succeeded where very few alternative futures have in comics. The only other one I can think of with as much cultural reverence is Spider-Man 2099, and there are a great deal of similarities with both properties. Batman Beyond however got into millions more homes via the medium of television, and for three seasons and one movie, very much entertained and inspired millions of young audiences into becoming creators as well as fans.

This edit takes us back to those days spent watching Kids WB and Cartoon Network, a unique and daring vision of a more advanced Bruce Wayne recruiting a teenager with a similar tragedy to his own, though not someone entirely disconnected from a family and social life. Terry shows what Bruce could have been if he had not let the mission become him.

The use of the four episodes here makes for a very straight forward edit, the thrust of the narrative needn't be altered too much, heroes rise, villains fall, it's a classic bit of Saturday morning storytelling, with the right amount of trims to make it all flow cohesively, it doesn't feel like you're watching a stitched together compilation tape.

It's been a while since there was an DCAU Batman edit listed on IFDB, it's nice to have one more recent and one that is of impeccable quality both visually and structurally.
Owner's reply July 27, 2022

Nicely written review. Thanks!

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