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FanMix April 21, 2009 3521
I hate to bash other people’s work, especially when it’s not made for profit, and even more so given that I’m yet to prove my worth in the fanediting battlefield. But I thought this was awful. Sorry.

Other people have commented on the low video quality. True. It looks like either a) got “pixelated” because of extreme lightening color correction; b) fell victim of an export error; or c) used an .avi file as source material. Either way, that’s not the main problem with this one.

The problem is, it comes across as pointless. The idea was fun, but I don’t think you achieved your goals. You left in stuff that is no less “questionable” than what you cut out. You claim to reduce the violence and the number of Joker’s killings, but most of them stay. You removed Joker talking to the burnt corpse, but not the burning itself. You deleted some mild sexual content, yet left the implied blowjob in the finale in. You call it family friendly, yet Joker’s “son of a bitch” line remains. What you cut or left seems random.

While the pop songs are a nice addition to this version, you used too few of them and in too few moments, while Elfman’s score still dominates throughout. You should have “eightified” it up way more. I mean, using the Batdance over the opening credits or things like that, and adding more songs. As it is now, one quickly forgets the whole intention.

Oh, two minor details: you didn’t add “1980s Edition” to the title card (I thought it was one of the rules), and, given that Jack Palance is not in this version, you might have cut his credit, which is rather easy as it’s followed by a fadeout.

On the other hand, most of the cuts were well made from a technical point of view. And I still find the concept intriguing enough to suggest you ever make a 2.0 try if you feel like it.

BTW, I’m strongly considering this very movie to be my first ever fanedit, althought with very different intentions than yours. You’ll be able to return the negative feedback, then! :-P

(Hoping no offense will be taken!)
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