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The technical editing on this was incredible. The audio and video flowed together very well, with no sound feedback or jarring cuts in the clips to draw attention to the fact that they didn't originally go together (with one exception, which I will address below). Technologically, this was a masterpiece.

The narrative, however, I found very weak. There were such long stretches of just "American Psycho" that I didn't feel it tied in very well with the "Batman" story. The characterization also needed to be more tightly cut; Bateman's inner monologues, such as the one about his hygiene regimen, don't really fit the Bruce Wayne-going-crazy idea, and should've been trimmed down, excised, or dubbed over with music. Alfred's appearances are so sparse and scattered that it's difficult to figure out why he's there at all. I just didn't feel like I was watching one cohesive movie. I was very conscious of the fact that I was watching a blend of three.

One audio thing I feel the need to mention was the inclusion of Christian Bale's on-set freakout from "Terminator." It was not cut in very well, and was very startling. Plus, since Christian Bale speaks with his real English accent in the freakout (which neither the Bruce or Bateman characters speak with), it took a minute to even connect that voiceover screaming to the characters on the screen.

Overall, I think that the edit shows great technological prowess, but a loose grasp of story.

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