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(Updated: January 09, 2019)
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This was a very good edit. Although sometimes it would abruptly go to another scene and some scenes were cut that I think shouldn't have been cut. For instance, seeing George Mcfly's tombstone I know why it was cut because the way you reordered scenes it made sense yet I remember being a kid a feeling the gravity of it all as Marty on his knees saying oh god no. Just wish you could have found a way to keep that in. The principal's office scene is very butchered I remember this being nail-bitingly intense wondering if he was going to be caught for all that suspense to be edited out. every other complaint I have is more nitpick, but when Marty is in the cafe 80's his son in the original movie gets hurt in the nether regions. yet in the movie, this is edited out leaving a plot hole where you can see his pants are red with blood but you'd be unsure why. last thing when Marty first arrives in the '50s again in the original movie when he finds Biff and sees him throw a ball up to the roof he then says oh yeah that's biff alright I know it wasn't needed but I liked that line it's an appropriate response to the situation. besides these complaints, I highly enjoyed this and highly recommend it to any back to the future fan out there. Yet I would stick to stick to the original for the definitive way to watch it.

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