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As a fan of the series I am honestly staggered by this edit.

The way subjectzero intercut multiple episodes is simply brilliant. Those who have watched the show will know that the first season is a bit of a slog at times but this film successfully takes the first season's best elements and weaves them together to create a compelling opening chapter to Babylon 5's grand narrative.

What's more this edit managed to made the show more believable. Babylon 5 actually felt busy. Normally the commander would only have to deal with the A and B plots of any given episode but this film actually made the commander appear to be deftly spinning multiple plates. It does this while successfully introducing the shows ensemble cast who each get ample screen time.

Honestly it is hard to find fault with this project. I did occasionally think of a scene that could have included but when I tried to think where it would actually fit or what would need to be replaced in order to keep the run time sensible it just didn't seem like there would be any net benefit overall. If I had any criticism it would be that, when compared to the series, you simply have less time to get invested in the characters. However, with a project like this that is as inevitable as it is understandable and it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the film. Ultimately if you already love the show you will love this.

All in all it is a well paced distillation of the early key points of the series and I am very much looking forward to the second movie.


- No filler episodes
- Reduced cringe worthy scenes/dialogue
- Babylon 5 genuinely feels like a bustling space port
- Maintains early plot foreshadowing
- Excellent editing throughout


- Reduced time with each character

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