Attacked & Boundless

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Original Movie Title:
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Original Release Date:
2002 / 2007
Original Running Time:
97 / 108
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Time Cut:
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Brief Synopsis:
This is the second double feature of french (horror) movies. First one was Revenge and Pregnant and this one is comparable with the violence in it
The intention and the idea was to make the Irreversible cut chronological with overdubbed music and some re-score. The Frontier (s) edit is just a faster cut and to make a DF of those two with a reasonable running time.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- Some dialogue scenes are cut
- Metro scene is trimmed
- Scene of two older guys is cut
- Original credits are cut
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

- Opening scene is trimmed, other credits
- There are some cuts (and after that) in the scene when the group is running from the police
- As usual some of the dialogue is cut in the whole movie
- Driving to the Border/Motel is trimmed
- When the first two arrived at the Motel i cut out the scenes when they have a party with the two hookers
- The (first) dinner scene is cut
- Cleaning up the girl for the dinner and speech of that crazy old bastard is cut

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