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(Updated: September 06, 2013)
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i never knew what a super 8 film was until rogue-thex started to fanedit films into this format, and i've enjoyed all the super 8 edits thus far. i'm not what you would call a die hard star wars fan i couldn't tell you anything that happens beyond the film series. wasn't a fan of the prequels but i wouldn't go as far as saying they ruined my childhood. this version cuts an awful lot that was bad regarding the original film and while i feel this effected the narrative it keeps things simple.

as i mentioned the narrative at times doesn't introduce who's who for instance count dooku appears without knowing what his motives are. but at the heart of the star wars films the story is about good guys fighting the bad guys which is the general essence the edit carries forward. the tint is very effected and with the cgi adds a strange mix of modern film making mixed with nostalgia. the edit doesn't have a lot of effects i've seen in other super 8 cuts done by rogue and to be honest i wish more was included

overall i find this a much more enjoyable way to re-watch the prequel films and look forward to future instalments

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