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Overview - Take something life affirming, say “The Tree Of Life” from 2011. Wipe the sound, replace with an antinatalism speech given by Gary Inmendham, overlay with a depressing soundscape.

Video - 1920 X 1080p AVC. This is gorgeous. Fabulous trim of a film I found pretentious, overlong, and relief for insomniacs. Cutting is fine from beginning to end, though selections seem better for the first half, random for the second.

Audio - 256 kbps mpga 2 Channel stereo. No subs, though perhaps unnecessary. Inmendham’s dialogue was difficult to fathom at times. The capture, I suspect, was not the best, and the music pushed forward too much.
This is really an edit begging for 5.1, and an experienced editor might have had fun orchestrating the rear swirl, and layering low registers out the sub. Lolwut0 is a new editor (to me) and I factor that.

Narrative - By the second half, the narrative cohesively starts to fray for me. By design, the characters could be anyone. I was not drawn to their stories, moments that might create memory, the wonder of Life. There is no narrative - there is no point - to anything.

Enjoyment - Reference Nigel Tufnel, this goes to 11. I am steeped in Ligotti and Lovecraft (as opposed to just the dread lord of R’lyeh). Gimme Rust Cohle over Martin Hart any day. Where the actual universe is indifferent to any karma or divine plan.
The majesty of the cosmos, the miracle of life, reduced to molecules and equations.
Accomplishments, achievements, honors, love, gratitude, all rendered into nothing by time and dissolution.
To quote, and deliberately misapply, Bukowski, “Don’t try.”

Lolwut0’s inspiration for this is pure serendipity. The juxtaposition of life and the sheer pointlessness of life, is a conceit that resonates with this reviewer. Again, this edit is better suited to the Ligotti crowd, particularly the “conspiracy” contingent. You know who you are. For you, this is essential.

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