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This is a classy edit of Anchorman 2. The reduction of racist and sexist material not only makes this a less offensive film, it also enhances the satirical ridicule of contemporary news coverage.

Along with some crude humour, the editor has cut Brick's (Steve Carell) romance, Brian's (Paul Rudd) criticism of Koala Airlines and Ron's (Will Ferrell) fling with his boss, Linda (Meagan Good). The removal of these sub-plots doesn't harm the film. Instead, these changes accentuate Ron's poor parential skills and his troubled marriage with Veronica (Christina Applegate).

When I first watched the sequel, I felt that Veronica had been relegated to a minor character. In this version, she is integral to Ron's character development, which now becomes the central narrative. Also, her desire to broadcast important news is juxtaposed with Ron's wish to entertain the masses. Their contrasting styles provide a topical commentary on contemporary news.

It is a shame that Judah Nelson, who plays Ron's son, Walter, is so wooden. Unfortunately, if his screen time was minismised it would probably affect the climax.

As for the technical aspects; the sound editing is flawless and the mixing of higher and lower resolution footage is excellent. Please note that the MKV format played far better with VLC software than through other media players.

This version of the sequel does not raise the comedic standards to the same hilarious levels as the first film. Some mediocre one-liners remain, but sacrificing them would have spoilt the story. Fortunately, there are enough amusing antics to make this version a pleasurable experience. Unlike with the original film, it is worth watching again!

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