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The biggest thing keeping me back from replacing the original cut with this one is the rescoring. Hans Zimmer's score for this movie was fantastic, and I really don't see why a lot of it was removed here. It leaves scenes sounding awkward, and a lot of the songs that are used to replace don't really fit and feel generic. This is the biggest piece of feedback I can give this edit.

Narratively, Electro being a more secondary villain works in a way, but it leaves his motivation empty and his ultimate contribution to the plot non-existent.

Other than those things though, this is a great edit! The intro sequence with New York, New York is really great and putting Rhino there feels really cool and makes a lot of sense. Removing the Peter and Gwen re-break up plot was only a good thing, because it felt pointless and superfluous in the original cut. The ending is also pretty good (and look, I love The Lord of the Rings, but that soundtrack does not fit in Spider-Man). It gives good closure to the parents storyline, and having the movie end with Peter not being Spider-Man is good, because the original cut devalues Gwen's death waaaaaaay to quickly.

If Lantern is still looking to fix this edit up, those are the things I would recommend changing. Going back to the original score from most of the re-scores, and giving Electro back more motivation. If those things were changed, it would greatly increase my motivation to replace the original TASM2 with this edit.

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