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This was a very nice edit by lantern51. A definite improvement over the theatrical and will be my go to when I rewatch this.

I definitely agreed with trimming of the “fat” as done by the editor. That includes the revenge subplot and trimming some of the over the top antics by Peter to tone down his character. Some of these cuts were noticeable unfortunately, but I would prefer a few quick cuts versus the weaker material. From my vantage point, I did not recognize any notable audio issues here.

The alternative footage used along with the modified ending really enhanced the movie as well. I will note that some of the deleted scenes were not of the same quality as the rest of the movie, and it does take you out of it momentarily. However, I still thought the movie was better off with the extra footage even if some of those had noticeably lower quality. For me, a good narrative takes precedence over perfect visual quality.

I want to thank lantern51 for sharing the Amazing Spider-Man edits for my enjoyment. If Part 1 was any indication, then I expect good things for Part 2 even though that one was a bit weaker as a film.

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