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Starting with the positives - Peter is much more likeable here. There are some excellent choices like cutting Peter's skateboarding montage, trimming him being extra mean while beating up the car thief, and cutting the revenge plotline. For most of this movie I could tell where small things were edited but it didn't impact the enjoyment too much. There was definitely a lot of work put into audio and video to cut out the revenge subplot and it's amazing that you got it working! Also the alternate uncle Ben death is fantastic.

There are some bigger problems though -
1. Whenever there was a deleted scene added it didn't quite match the color and contrast of the rest of the film, but it wasn't too bad most of the time. One particular deleted scene sadly does stand out and I think would have been better off not included because of the low quality (the doorman scene). I think the rest could be color corrected a bit more to try to get the contrast matching better.
2. You can tell several times where edits were made. I noticed quite a bit during the scenes where Peter is becoming Spider-Man, and I assume this was trying to cut around the revenge plotline. Biggest thing that stuck out was foley being incomplete in some shots. Another very noticeable set of cuts was when Peter goes to the internship. I know Lantern was trying to cut the subplot of him sneaking in, but it's still very obvious that he isn't supposed to be there which makes the cuts a little awkward.
3. One of my biggest complaints is some editing in the sewers. Everything surrounding Rajit finding Connors in the sewer, knocking out Peter with the sedative, and then getting eaten was jarring and rushed. Rajit's demise happened so quickly without being able to process it, and it was confusing what happened with Peter. This scene took me out of it quite a bit.

Overall I would recommend watching if you want an alternate take on the movie. It is a very commendable edit that accomplishes a lot, but wouldn't replace the original for me personally.
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