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Having watched the original before watching this edit I found that it was a lot better than I remember but had some odd choices of characterisation and a revenge subplot with no proper resolution, this edit pretty much fixes those problems by eliminating said subplot and deleting or altering certain scenes to improve Andrew Garfield’s characterisation as the Webhead which is further improved thanks to the addition of the deleted scenes and though some of these deleted scenes vary in visual quality there addition to the narrative improves both pacing and clarity.

Some particular favourites of mine were the interactions between Peter Parker and Curt Connors as said scenes along with the official scenes cleverly and organically built up the bonding of scientific minds and there respective connections they had to Peter’s father along with how there mentor and pupil bond was slowly severed due to the obligation of there alter ego’s, this adaption of Curt Connors/The Lizard captures his comic self fairly well and I honestly didn’t mind the lack of snout as this was sort of what he looked like during the Ditko years so it felt like a nice little tribute to that era of ASM.

Curt represents the best aspects of a Spiderman Villain in my opinion someone who isn’t evil for the sake of being evil and who believes there doing good but ends up losing there way towards the end and the deleted scenes certainly helped to improve his development and chemistry, speaking of which the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone is another reason why I’ve come to appreciate this movie and the manner in which there relationship is handled in this edit demonstrates further why there chemistry works so well.

That clocktower scene is both heartwarming yet haunting at the same time and I really love the way you ended Part 1 as it’s not only in keeping with how most Spiderman comics tend to end with one problem resolved only for another to arise but it removes his jarring 180 shift on his decision involving Gwen and the lack of resolution on that part now has more emotional weight to it and builds excitement ready for Part 2, the idea of having thunder and rain play throughout the first portion of the end credits sequence is both technically impressive and utter genius.

Additionally I enjoyed the music montage that begins around the time he falls into the wrestling ring as it’s got that feel good vibe to it just as this edit has a greater feeling of power and responsibility as a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman would have.

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Owner's reply August 12, 2022

Thank you! The things you pointed out were exactly the things I was going for in this edit! It's nice to see the hard work paid off.

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