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I can comfortably say that I’ve enjoyed this direct mashup of Prometheus & Alien Covenant in one solid story tells. The beginning of Prometheus has been altered but that okay in the grand scheme of things. These 2 stories really center around the actions of David The Android and his love/hate relations with his creator & human counterparts. And honestly that’s all THIS movie watcher desired to see. I’ve also enjoyed the peppered additions of OST scores from the original 1979 Alien film. Watch this cut of the films for additional insight as to why the character ASH is the way he was in the original Alien.

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Audio/video quality : solid multi channel audio. resolution has small bits of video artifacts here and there but the average viewer won’t notice in wide shots. 9 stars
Visual Editing: I usually prefer a full screen viewing as opposed letterbox formats. Still 16:9 but for those that hate black bars this may bother some viewers. 7 stars
Audio Editing: Deep bass during action scene, clean highs for voice acting. Not bad transfer rate... 8 stars

Narrative: movie really shines with its primary focus of David’s intentions with the space jockeys and his love and respect for Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. He once said it himself “one needs to destroy to create the greater good”. This storytelling is a 9 in my book!
Enjoyment: This is easily a 10 but I’m also bias because I grew up with loving everything about this franchise. Viewing this through a fan favorite creation shows our respect for Alien and the message it stood to tell even in the 1970. Even in space... corporate greed kills you!

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