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(Updated: February 27, 2015)
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Audio/Video Quality: 9
It's standard-Def but that aside it's a nice encode and a well put together DVD. The blue regraded look is much more in keeping with the rest of the franchise. The making of feature on the DVD was genius.

Visual Editing: 9
This is very impressive indeed, with the extra footage (From other movies) not just integrated well but for the most part, seemless (The FX work towards the end is amazeballs!). Having just re-watched AR, I was impressed at how easy TMBTM made some of the removals look. However, there was one spot where I thought the removal of Ripley's "F*ck" line was awkward. An excellent FX fix was applied but the edit didn't work for me because of the clearly mismatched line delivery from Brad Dourif in the next shot. I didn't see the need for it's removal, so I felt if it couldn't be removed safely, it should have been left in.

Audio Editing: 9
Mostly this was invisible but a few moments stood out but those largely felt like sounds that were added for fun rather than to be perfect. The extra little sounds and refrences to the other films were much appreciated.

Narrative: 8
I don't much care for the original film as the plot is all over the place. With a quarter removed, there is less to get frustrated with, and it now clips along at a new "boredom resistant" pace. However, the stripped down story only serves to highlight the nonsensical elements of the plot, and the silliness of the whole setup. I've found this with other fanedits that do such a great job stripping out the offensive stuff, that you are able to see the film underneath clearly for the first time and find the problems go even deeper than you imagined. But I wasn't expecting those deep-rooted issues to ever be fixable, so for me the narrative was improved overall. Also, the new ending is much, much better in pure story terms, even if I'm not sure I would have liked what was done with (Or to) our favourite heroine, if this had been the original cut.

Enjoyment: 8
It's still several leagues below the quality of Aliens 1-3 but I can say for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed this film. With the source material as it is, I don't think a better version of this movie could be put together. In future, when I feel the need for an Aliens marathon, I'll be putting this disc right in after the workprint of Alien3. Thanks TMBTM

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