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This is a hard one to review or rate for me. I love most of the changes to the film, but I can’t ignore my intense dislike of the original film. My problems with it are soaked right into the fabric of the film in a way that no edit could wash out completely. TM and I talked several times about the difficulties of editing this film, especially the ending. The original finale is very weak, and the absurdities ruin whatever little good actually was there. TM has made a clever (if potentially controversial) change to the entire last section of the film. I don’t know if it’s better, but it’s certainly bold. And that’s kind of what the film needed, a big bold decision that Fox would almost certainly never have allowed. The film can now properly be the self-contained bastard stepchild of the Alien trilogy that it always was at heart.
Ellen Ripley is dead and gone. Ripley 8′s story starts here, and more importantly it now ends here, as it should be.

I usually rate on my enjoyment level of the film, regardless of other contributing factors like source material and so on. But this time I feel compelled to rate on the more ephemeral reactions I had to the edit. Clever, bold ideas. New effects to tell the changed story. Joy at some of my most hated elements from the original being gone. And in one case, the same kind of in-joke injected approach to editing that I try to do myself. Let’s see how many people spot it.

The film will probably never rate better than a low 6 for me, but I have to give the edit a strong 9 out 10.

P.S. TM, thanks for taking my feedback in the spirit it was intended rather than being insulted by it.
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