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TV-to-Movie August 30, 2016 5392
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The second of DSM2337's Agents of SHIELD trilogy, this fan-edit deftly grabs the best bits from the middle episodes of season 1, telling the story of the mystery and ultimate revelation of an enigmatic figure known as "The Clairvoyant".

The editing on this fan-edit is quite amazing. I was especially impressed with the work done around the episode "TRACKS" -- a non-linear episode that uses its format to introduce some mystery into what's going on. DSM2337 reorders the scenes chronologically, which removes some of the mystery, but enhances the greater narrative. The mystery was a gimmick of the episode, and wouldn't have worked in DSM2337's movie. The result is a coherent and driving story.

Solid 10s all around. I really enjoyed this fan-edit, and would recommend it to any fan of the MCU. In particular, this (and DSM2337's previous effort "Centipede") are ideal for the fan who just couldn't get into Agents of SHIELD, but wants a way to quickly "catch up". These two fan-edits (and presumably the forthcoming closure of the trilogy) give you all the best parts of AoS season 1 and let the show be a "worthy" accessory to the MCU films.

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