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I've been on a binge of these audio edits. This third installment is a fantastic addition to the series. What began with the Scarlet Widow and continued in the Atom Man has a satisfying concluding arc here. There is still a plot thread out there, but it doesn't call for immediate resolution. The next story could easily be a different adventure. I'm glad it won't be, and I look forward to volume 4 and the special guest stars.

I've said before that this really seems like an official project. Remixing these old episodes to cut out redundancies and to add score and music cues gives the story way more than a facelift. It also gets a boob job and a tummy tuck. It's all-new, fresh, and a solid addition to anyone's Superman collection.

The length of each episode is perfect for your commute. You can't get upset at the traffic when you've got these edits to listen to.

There are a few cases where a voice will fade out, but it feels stylistic rather than a flaw. There is some static in places, but I find it actually enhances the experience. Siebener has done an amazing job in cleaning up these episodes. Check out some of the originals on and see for yourself.

I'm looking forward to volume 4.

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