A Bit Of Fry & Laurie: Vols. 1 & 2

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This double DVD set features 4-hours of only the very best sketches, culled from all four series of the early 90s comedy show 'A Bit Of Fry & Laurie'.

I love this show and for a sketch-format the quality is generally very high. However, the whole boxset has 12.5 hours of material and there is only a few hours of it, that I want to watch, again and again. Also the official DVDs lack menus beyond basic episode selection. So I present two feature-length DVD compilations of the cream of Fry and Laurie's insane genius, with proper 'sketch selectable' menus.

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A Bit Of Fry & Laurie (Series 1-4 Complete DVD Box Set)
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Special Features
Sketch-selectable animated menus
Editing Details:
While I'm sure I've included the vast majority of the famous sketches, this is of course an editing down to my own personnal favourites. Sorry if a sketch you love isn't included. The highlights of series 1&2 can be found on Vol.1 and Series 3&4 can be found on Vol.2.

Cuts and Additions:
- All but two of the opening/closings are retained (Obviously)
- All the spoof "Vox Pops" are removed. They are quick fire gags that don't have the re-watchability of the full sketches
- I have not included any of the "Tony and Control" sketches as I never found them funny
- None of the "Dammit John!" sketches are included as I feel they are only funny through repetition and if I couldn't include them all, I thought it better not to include any
- All fades to black and other assorted transitions removed. The sketches just quickly flow into the next one. Additional laughter and/or applause was added when needed, to smooth over the numorous new edits
- The sketches mostly feature in broadcast order but I've often re-ordered them for variety of staging, subject and length
- Some running gags like the "Man who thinks he's stolen their sketches" or the "Snearing critics" have been stretched out across the whole run, rather than being confined to the single episodes
- The original 'Erich Wolfgang Korngold's 'The Sea Hawk' music has been restored to the "Tony of Plymouth" sketch (It was removed from the DVD for licensing reasons and the sound in the sketch was ruined),
- All of the spoof "Chat show" format from the 4th series is gone
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

'Tony of Plymouth' sketch restored to original broadcast audio

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