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FanFix February 28, 2021 3310
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Great edit, but the film is still very flawed.
The edit does everything well technically - the color regrade looks much better (what was up with the green tint, seriously?), the re-scored courthouse scene is a really nice touch, and the deleted scenes add some extra McClane to the film. Their integration is smooth - except for one noticeable jump cut at 40:42 (upon entering the gun shop).
I took down a point on enjoyment because the edit did not make me appreciate the film any better. I still think what this film really needs is a major trim rather than an extension.
All in all - good work!

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Owner's reply March 07, 2021

Hi Bo, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I just wanted to let you know I have addressed the issue at 40:42. The final frame of the group walking to the gun store was accidentally zoomed in presumably a hangover from when I adjusted the aspect ratio of the deleted scenes. I imagine that is what made it stand out for you. I'll admit I hadn't noticed how abruptly the audio changes in that scene but that is how it occurs in the original scene and is not my doing. I'm currently re-encoding this now. I'd like to add that I really appreciate the fairness of your review. I'd definitely love to spitball ideas with you about what you would cut to improve the film, potentially I can't implement them for an alternative cut some day.

Thanks again, Malthus.

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