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Andor to me is, second only to The Last Jedi, the best thing to come out Disney Marvel so far, and miles better than any of the other series.

This edit cleverly combines the relevant episodes into easily digestible story arcs. Though there's nothing wrong with the episodic format, the show could drag a little as by nature of the structure, there would be less eventful episodes. Being able to watch the entire story arc in one sitting eases those transitional epsiodes into their natural 3-act structure and makes for more enjoyable viewing.

The blending of the episodes looks and feels natural and easy, but I know for a fact EddieDean put tons of work into those transitions to get them to feel that way. I love invisible edits, and this one certainly fits that.

I have no technical notes on this one, everything looked and sounded great.

Overall, this is probably the best way to digest the story of the first season of Andor. Can't wait to see you do the same with Season 2 and Rogue One in the future!
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