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I was really waiting for a fanedit of this movie to come up. Although I did not like the original almost at all, I had a feeling that something could be done with it at the hand of a talented editor. I knew I could not get something completely new obviously, but at least something enjoyable and not the cringe fest that I watched at the cinema. And along came JordanK!

Gone is almost all of the ridiculous, childish humor of the movie, especially at the beginning with the God-awful CGI babies, gone is the calorie consumption thingy, gone is the cringe fest at the end with all the bad CGI cameos, less Barry on Barry interaction and generally, less stuff that shouldn't be there to begin with. And all this with excellent editing! Whether you've seen the movie or not, you won't notice the changes, that's how smooth the editing is.

The result? A movie that I actually enjoyed and now I can actually watch whenever I have a DCEU marathon!

My only minor issue is that a couple of cuts from the interactions between the Barrys at the beginning were kind of noticeable.

Also, one request, if you could change the upbeat song at the final battle that is completely out of place, that would be great! I mean, everything is going to shit, you see the absolutely serious face of Supergirl trying to kick Zod's ass and you have that ridiculous song playing in the background ruining the moment.

So, I absolutely recommend this edit, even if you did not like the original movie, it might save it, like it did for me, or it will be your go-to version if you kind of liked the original.

Thanks to anyone who read my review and thank you JordanK for all your hard work!

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