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FanFix December 22, 2023 986
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This edit absolutely blew me away. I still cannot believe I enjoyed it as much as I did. This edit brings the film from a 6/10 to a 9/10 for me. It is the definitive cut of the film and should have been released theatrically. The immature, annoying humour is gone, and the humour that is still remaining is excellent and genuinely hilarious at times. The pacing is superb now, perfect, the viewer is always engaged. Ezra Miller's performance is greatly improved here and is far more enjoyable. The entire film is considerably more enjoyable. The edits made are extremely professional, and I never noticed any interference. It does not feel amateur or fan edity in any way. It actually feels far more focused and purposeful than the theatrical release. The cameos removed are appreciated and a wise choice. The drama, depth, acting and screenplay can really shine now, and the film is a pleasure to watch. I never expected to say this, but it is one of my favourite DC films after this viewing. An unexpected pleasant surprise. I can not recommend this cut of the film enough. This is the Flash film we were supposed to see. Highly recommended, 10/10

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