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This review will mostly be about the narrative and enjoyment. When it comes to the audio and visual editing, everything appeared to be seamless, but I am not the most qualified to spot anything unless it is clearly out place.

As for the edit itself, oh my lord! What an absolutely huge difference from the theatrical release. I came into the edit not wanting to know where the AI lines were inserted because that would clearly allow me to listen extra carefully and spot the difference between real and fake. The good news is that the AI lines worked and provided some needed extra exposition. I did not notice the difference while watching as a “first time listener.”

The biggest net positive was the removal of almost all of the toilet humor and improper use of “comedy.” The “comedy” and immature behavior in the theatrical continuously took me out of the movie. Intense moments were repeatedly ruined and the portrayal of both Barry’s, particularly the older one, was simply not acceptable. I like the editor keeping some of the immaturity for the younger Barry to demonstrate the contrast between the wiser and older version. This really helped shape the tone of the movie in a much more positive light. I was able to enjoy the movie all the way through without all those disruptions.

As I read through the editor’s cut list, I found myself agreeing with every single one. I strongly recommend others to use this as the official edition of the Flash they want to watch. It is much smoother and cohesive compared to the theatrical. While the movie still had some holes, overall for me it brought it from a C- to a B+ movie. The grade is not a slight to the editor. This is more of my personal preference to issues with the movie itself that the editor cannot fix. For example, I was not a big fan in the alternate timeline how Zod killed baby Clark and was confused about how he found the baby. It made no logical sense as they just happened to stumble into it without any way of knowing where the ship was sent to. It also confused me how Kara had no idea what happened to her cousin until Zod told her. One would assume she would have been given a method to track her cousin using superior technology if she was supposed to protect him (Maybe some AI lines or repurposed dialogue could fix that problem?)

The only disagreement I have, and it is very slight, has to do with all the cameos at the end. The editor was 100% correct in removing them. Those appearances added nothing of value to the movie other than serving as nostalgia bait. However, I do think it is nice to pay respect to those who came before. I think those can be made into a post credit type of scene or homage just showing them without either of the Flash trio. I think it nice for a viewer to see them without forcing them into the movie itself (except for the Nicolas Cage Superman).

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