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Special Projects October 19, 2023 771
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To juggle the entire 9/11 timeline into a larrgely cohesive docu/drama is to be applauded.

There are not enough non-movie edits out there...and I for one would like to see more.

the fact that this is middle portion of a 3 part seies is exciting, despite the gravity of the material's subject matter.

Naturally, mainstream documataries focus on one subject...The lead up to...or Flight 93, or the Fire dept, NYPD etc. Blending all these and more with contemporaneous nes as well is a real feat.

The Video quality is as per the source material.
There are a few clunk audio transitions that could do with a clean up, but most are clean. By ist nature, many juxtaposed hard cuts will occur but ar par for the course.

The narrative is solid, clear and necessarily harrowing, to a degree that these days is censored by the mainstream...SO BE WARNED!

ENJOYMENT is NOT the word one would use to express the experience of watching this, however, it is informative, it WILL take you back, and it will leave you bith stunned and numb and yet wanting more.

A great achievement, but harrowing, as it sould be and was.
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