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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
January 30, 2009

It took me two viewings to come to a final conclusion on this one…and that would be that I’m pretty happy with Consecution 2: Zombie Boogaloo.

My favourite short was, surprise surprise…Dead Awake. Like others have noted, there are a few bits and pieces that don’t quite work, but they’re buried under the weight of all the parts that worked beautifully. Just great fun, and cleverly done. I loved the ending too. Nice touch. Very ’80s horror-esque.

I also liked “Diary”, “Das Zombi”, and “Voodoo Island” …and the first half of “Virus”.

The Marvel Zombies trailer was a very cool extra. The biggest problem was that it leaves you wanting more.

The Egg was good fun, too. Let's boogie!
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