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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
January 21, 2009

my review:

3raz0r – diary of a dying man – I did not care for this very much. The editing and sound are fine; however the basic plot was not conveyed well. The 2004 dawn of the dead footage does not match the other film sources and it should have been over dubbed (with better fitting music, no music or just something more atmospheric to fit), Instead you still hear the scenes somewhat uppity music.
I understand what the edits intentions were, I just do not think it was pulled off successfully. If the clips were arranged in a better order (like the news first, then Andy for a bit then back to the news, the end), and with some kind of better transition between the news and Andy then maybe. The switching between news footage and Andy kept making me think of a viewer just changing the channel on a tv. Great effort and idea, but not executed as well as it could have been – 2 stars

Horrorgrind – the virus – I got a kick out of the high camp factor and because I know how cheesy without any added effects this film already was. What I did not like about this short was that it felt like it ended in the middle of the story without a real good conclusion or even a final narration to sum it up before the credits rolled. – 2 stars

Mollo – das zombie – I am not sure why other people did not like this edit? This made sense to me and I love the way it was all put together nicely by mixing various film clips (and possible chromakey?). Very clever. 4 stars

CBB – voodoo island I liked this edit quite a bit. A very truncated edition of the
film classic ZOMBIE. In this edit, voodoo is blamed for a zombie outbreak. However what I did not like is the scene with the woman in the shower. For this particular edit it seemed to slow down the pace a bit. If that scene was shortend we would have had a better flow. 3 stars

Blueyoda – dead awake – Absolutely amazing edit that successfully combines the film Aliens with a number of other films to bring you Ripley fighting the living dead. I also recall Blueyoda getting some minor flack in the forums for ever presenting this idea. This totally blew my mind and in my view was the saving grace of this project – 5 stars

Aztek463 – school’s in session . Nicely done resident evil edit. This short worked well and played out nicely 4 stars

Tranzor- in 20 seconds I cannot review my own edit

Throwgncpr – dawn of the millennium – This was not a bad edit, but obviously to really enjoy this you need some kind of background or familiarity with the older tv show Millennium which I do not have. You get the general idea of what is going on but if you are not a fan of the show you would not fully “get” the edit

Stomachworm – 2 against the world – a very shortened version of planet terror. The only problem is that it is too short and feels very disjointed. It feels more like those old super 8 films where they took a 90 plus feature and had to sum it up in 8 mins. Not terrible, but if you never saw planet terror you would kind of be left in the dust 2 stars

Uncanny antman – surviving an undead uprising – Brilliant, short feature and everything that the Marx Brook’s zombie survival guide novel tried to accomplish and this edit does it in under 5 mins. Very enjoyable and a very fitting song to go with it. The second best edit for this project – 5 stars

The bonus shorts are great. I loved the fan made Marvel Zombies and I got a kick out of Ghostcut’s visit to ravenholm . The menu work done by Messenjah came out very nice.

Overall I am giving this disc a 3
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