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I've always enjoyed You Only Live Twice, but I'll be the first to acknowledge it's less than the sum of its parts. Every scene works individually (with one major exception that I don't even need to point out) but it never really comes together as a whole. A mess, but a fun mess. As such, I wouldn't have known how to fanedit it, really. But along comes LS and does about everything can be done to improve it. It's still flawed, and it's still all over the place, but it does fix, at least to a point, two major problems I had with the movie, both of which I had written out as unremovable. You know what one of them is, and while it's still there in a way, downplaying it and deviating the attention from it does make things considerably stronger. The other has to do with the fate of one of the characters, which I won't spoil, but it was someone who definitely deserved better. And I didn't even think that could be achievable, but it definitely was, and was a very nice surprise.

As always with LS releases, this is a very high quality edit in all aspects (still no 5.1, but I personally don't mind too much as I don't have a fancy home theater setup either). The commentary is always a great bonus, and well worth a listen. A bit disappointed by the lack of subtitles after his previous edit (Jaws 2: The Amity Horror) included them, but well... that is the only less than great thing I can say about this edit. Definitely becoming my new default version of YOLT.

Now, it seems LS can fix anything Bond. I mean, Die Another Day used to be my least favorite Bond movie by far... until Icarus completely fixed it. So, maybe there's more hope for Diamonds Are Forever out there, teased in the commentary as a possible future project, than it seems. It's another one I consider bloody awful, mainly due to Connery's phoned-in and annoyed performance (and I'm an overall Connery fan) around which I don't think there's much of a way... but if anyone can do it, it's Last Survivor!
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