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First things first,This has got to be one of the best edits for X-men Last Stand.While there is the issue of continuity at some points,it is,but a minor gripe for the most of the edit has been made in a very streamlined manner and for a first time viewer,this may very well be the theatrical release itself.

While there is little added to the story,the removal of Jean Grey does make the film a whole lot better and you wonder what the end result would've been like had the studio never had the feeling to shoehorn the "Dark Phoenix" saga into the third installment.Using Jean's voice to indicate Scott's PTSD(and hence his withdrawal from the events of the film) really makes sense.I can also totally buy that a reckless and vengeful Scott would probably be one of the first to be killed by the sentinels for the DOFP events to still maintain continuity.It also eradicates the issue of "Professor X returning from the dead whilst still retaining his face" since he is still alive in this cut.
I'd go for this cut any day over the theatrical release(but might have to keep it in consideration since the events of "The Wolverine" are still dependent on the Jean Grey arc of the film)

This might not replace the theatrical release completely for me but I'll be sure to include it as a short alongside X2
Thanks to Zarius for being able to make me enjoy this film after nearly a decade
p.s:The duration of the edit makes it the perfect x-men fix on a busy day

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