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April 8, 2009 @ 10:58 pm

It’s really really long still, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need out of your superhero movie.
There were a couple of transitions wherein it was all too clear that we were looking at a different Hugh Jackman. Other than that, the amalgamation of the first two movies was downright brilliant. I thought it was an interesting twist to have Magneto in prison from the beginning, still somehow orchestrating things a la Al Capone from Alcatraz. The “Last Stand” portion of the movie really did seem to drag in comparison to the part consisting of the first two movies.

As to technical aspects, which as I often state, I am not adept at and therefore not attuned to some types of errors, I can’t complain. I had to adjust the volume a few times due to fluctuations, but for the most part the audio seemed only slightly below the quality on my DVDs. If there were any hard cuts in the video, they were not bothersome enough that I remember (I watched it two days ago, so it’s still pretty fresh). Bear in mind that I tend to be a lot more lenient for these sorts of things than with the plot/entertainment part.

If you have the spare time, or you’re like me and you can sometimes watch movies while you do your boring job, you HAVE to pick this one up (assuming you own the trilogy already, of course).
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