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The rearranging of certain scenes and the deletion of others certainly benefited the development of the characters far better than the theoretical versions did and well Logan still gets a lot of the spotlight this edit manages to keep the other X Men relevant and give them enough screen time to show why they matter though Cyclops still gets the short end of the stick but that is the fault of the people behind the movies not the fault of Wraith, I was particularly happy to see the erasure of the love triangle aspect between Bobby, Kitty & Rogue as that subplot from Last Stand always annoyed me and made Bobby look like a cheater and made Rogue’s reasons for getting the cure questionable where as in this the bond they share with Bobby is more on the platonic side.

And of course Rogue choosing not to get the cure and find comfort in being herself was a plus and a great decision on Wraith’s part though I did find the shots of Logan speeding away well the camera panned to the sign of Xavier’s gifted school for youngsters and the shot of that tree outside the school to be a bit to repetitive though as to my favoured ending I preferred the second one as Charles surviving and Erik gaining back his powers built up to that moment in The Wolverine where Charles and Erik meet Logan at the airport quite nicely and potentially hypes audiences up for a potential Days Of Future Past fan edit where as the placement of the scenes in the first version of this fan edits ending confused me.

Though I recognise where there from and I do hope this Fanedit will be available in 1080 HD someday.

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